Marta Castellano-Mas (1979)

She studied interior design at the Escola d’Arts de Vic and, then, at the Escola Elisava of Barcelona. Her career started in 1996 with collaboration in different architecture studios. In 2007, she founded her own interior design studio with an architect colleague: estudib74. However, in 2010, her career underwent a major change, and she started working at an outside company. With this, she gained enriching experience in temporary spaces, stands, exhibitions, scenography and museography, especially from the technical point of view. Finally, in 2014, after a few years of balancing her commitment to this company and her own projects with estudib74, she decided to reinvent herself and resume her personal project, but this time on her own.

Our team of professinals are:

Sílvia Claramunt Cuadrench / Interior designer

Albert Tort Rebull / Architect

Enric Serrat Tatjé /Architect

Joan Hontecillas Estrada/ Engineer

Raül Ramón Orriols / Technical architect

Josep Fité Ruiz / Draftsman

“As the person in charge of the studio, I like getting involved in every new job assignment and taking care of each project down to the smallest detail. And making each project unique and special”

the studio

We offer a global service that includes all stages of the project. From its conceptual start up to its final execution, including architecture, decoration, landscaping, graphic design, naming, branding and all tasks related to budgeting and licensing that this kind of work requires. For this reason, we work with a technical team in our studio that helps us make projects become a reality. Together with our external team of collaborators, such as designers, builders and workers, every job is made possible.